We are looking for a a permanent, full-time technician, arguably the most important position in our laboratory. The main perks that come with the position are that it is permanent and that we are a small group of very enthusiastic colleagues where there is always something different going on. For those so inclined, we also offer the possibility to conduct their own research projects, to the extent the candidate feels comfortable with. There are also no fixed start or end times for our working days: as long as it is in the daytime for the flies, the candidate will be free to schedule their work hours (40.1h per week) for maximum work-life balance. Compensation follows German rules, in this case TVL-E7.

The routine tasks of the position are flexible and limited: maintenance of the Drosophila stock collection, preparation of media, ordering of consumables, preparing flies for behavioral experiments and perhaps some histology or molecular biology every now and then. Support of experimentation is variable and dependent on current projects. This is the area where the most flexibility arises for the successful candidate. Some support of student courses in terms of preparing materials and other technical assistance is expected.

The successful candidate will have an BTA/MTA or an equivalent degree, experience in laboratory logistics and ideally also in insect/Drosophila handling and breeding. Additional experience in IT, molecular biology or other research is advantageous but not required.

While it is helpful to speak German, it is not required. English is the language of our laboratory, so it would be difficult to contribute to our work without speaking the language at least on a conversational level.

The official job advertisement (PDF in German) can be found on the University of Regensburg website.

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