After Mike Taylor kept complaining about how horrible my old e107 platform was (which obviously it isn’t: I love this CMS), I finally gave in and moved everything over to a new home. The entire domain with all its subdomains is no longer hosted in the good old US of A, where its home was since about 2000, when I moved there myself. After almost ten years back in Germany, I’ve now brought my online presence back home as well. As of this post, all my blogging will be done on WordPress.

The 912 old posts from the last ten years are still accessible, of course, at I should have everything set up in a way that even all the original links should be redirected to the archive, such that nobody should really notice much more than a slight difference in appearance.

I’ll now slowly adjust all the content and design on this place, until the required functionality and look-and-feel is in place. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see here in terms of plug-ins or other functionality, or if any of the design is off-putting. Also, if you will, could you test the commenting system and let me know if anything, what needs to be modified/adjusted?

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