At the end of this year, our amazing postdoc Axel is going back to Argentina to start his own lab. This means we are looking for a new postdoc to start next year. Earliest starting date is February 11, 2018.

As this position is funded by our university and not by a grant, there is no specific project the postdoc ought to work on. However, our lab uses invertebrates to study spontaneous behavior and how feedback modulates future behavior and the candidate would be interested to work in this field. There is also no specific end date for the position, but the longest theoretical duration of the contract would be 12 years. Actual duration of the contract is subject to negotiation.

Besides curiosity and the drive to work independently, candidates would apply with a combination of experiences and interests, such as some of these:

  • a PhD or equivalent
  • work in Drosophila, Aplysia or the leech (behavior and/or physiology)
  • quantitative analysis of behavior or neural recordings/imaging
  • open science
  • Neurogenetic circuit analysis
  • coding

Anyone with an interesting vision of what they would do with this position will be considered.

At the anticipated starting date, the candidate would join two graduate students (a third one to start next summer) a technician and me. Payscale would be standard German postdoctoral salary with all the usual benefits (health, unemployment,social security, etc.). As of right now, there is no specific deadline for applying as this is just an informal way to get the word out. I’ll be on vacation for much of this month and will screen applications once I return. If it seems like more candidates are needed for comparison, I will write a proper job ad. If not, I’ll let the candidates know the schedule for interviews in September.

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