This year we have two posters at the SfN meeting in sunny San Diego, Ca. The first poster is on Sunday morning, Nov. 4, poster number 152.09, board QQ7, entitled “Neurobiological mechanisms of spontaneous behavior and operant feedback in Drosophila“. For this poster, Christian Rohrsen used three different optogenetic self-stimulation experiments to find out which dopaminergic neurons mediate reward or punishment, respectively.

The second poster is on Monday afternoon, Nov 5, poster number 407.23, board UU1, entitled “CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing of the FoxP locus in Drosophila“. For this poster, Ottavia Palazzo created several fly lines in which the FoxP gene locus was modified by, for instance, inserting a GAL4 reporter in place of important parts of the gene, creating loss-of-function alleles. Ottavia has created a range of useful constitutional and conditional manipulations and the first characterizations of the first constitutional lines are presented on this poster. Postdoc Anders Eriksson and intern Klara Krmpotic performed some of the behavioral tests and the monoclonal antibodies are being generated in the lab of Diana Pauly with the help of her graduate student Nicole Schäfer. Bachelor student Julia Dobbert helped with some of the molecular work and postdoc Matthias Raß taught and supervised all of Ottavia’s and Julia’s molecular work.

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